Reykjavik 871 +/- 2 museum in Iceland

Viking Age beads on display at the Settlement Museum

Viking Age beads on display at the Settlement Museum

Another Viking-centric museum I visited in Reykjavik was the Reykjavik 871 +/- 2 museum.
This museum is the site of an excavated Viking long house, one of the first houses in Iceland, and also includes other findings from the Reykjavik area and the island of Viðey. The long house was excavated in 2001 when some construction was planned for the area. The house was inhabited from around 930-1000 CE, and near the remains of the hall is a wall which can be precisely dated to 871 plus or minus 2 years (hence 871 +/- 2) due to the evidence along the wall of the Torfajökull volcanic eruption. (Which has been dated using glacial ice dating in Greenland.)

The guide in the museum speculated that the house was build on/ near a little stream, and water made them move, taking with them most of their valuable goods. This might explain why there weren’t very many goods found in or around the longhouse or it’s buildings.

I’ve looked at some of the things from the museum in previous posts – costume illustrations, Viking festoons, and the Hnefatafl board game post.

Minjasafn Reykjavíkur – The Settlement Exhibition – Reykjavik 871 +/- 2
Aðalstræti 16, Old West Side, Reykjavik, Iceland
+354 411 6370


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  1. […] Additionally, the beads on display at the Reykjavik 871 +/- 2 museum in Iceland are likewise duplicates of ones I’ve noted elsewhere, so I’m not including them in my spreadsheet either. You can see them in my blog post here. […]

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