Shopping: Estee’s Fabrics and Notions

I have been on a bit of an old-photo binge – and here’s one more post that really should have been written AGES ago, but I never did get around to it.

When I was in Edmonton back last summer, I was checking out fabric stores, and while I was actually heading to a quilting store – we found ourself a block over at Estee’s Fabrics and Notions.

Super-quick interior shot of Estee’s on my iPhone.

They specialize in bridal and formalwear fabrics, but also have a nice selection of very high-end fashion fabrics as well.  With the price points and the quality, it’s not surprising that I found a lot of their fabrics seemed a bit ‘old’. (Not that the fabrics themselves were old or out of date, but rather that they would be more suitable for a more mature client…)

Super-quick button shot of Estee’s on my iPhone.

They also have a small selection of beautiful buttons – really high-quality notions – a bit beyond my price point frankly. (Most of the buttons pictured above are in the $10-20 PER BUTTON range…) I did however end up stalking their clearance/sale section which was actually fairly large considering – and bought some silk that was on sale…

Estee’s Fabrics and Notions
4443 99 Street NW
Edmonton, AB T6E5B6
(888) 468-7159

One comment on “Shopping: Estee’s Fabrics and Notions

  1. […] discount shop by any means (like Dressew in Vancouver) or an exclusively super-high end shop (like Estee’s in Edmonton); instead there is a wide range of fabric options.  While the majority of the bridal […]

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