Texture with Textiles – Mosaic quilt

Mosaic-style quilt

Mosaic Quilt

I quite liked this quilt from a distance – up close there were elements I wasn’t as happy with, but they weren’t integral to the quilt design itself I think.  I think this could be fun to do in my own way… (especially if I have leftover fabrics from another project..)

Mosaic Quilt

The presenter talked about simply fusing down a line of the dark purple fabrics, and then surrounding that line with colours on either side.  She mentioned that she didn’t quitehave the colour she needed, so she ended up swapping some fabric with one of the students in the class as well to get the look she was after. I think this would be a really cool project to do that way – with a bunch of other people all bringing in fabrics in related colours to get more variety… She also chatted about how she did the quilting – using a thread colour that would not show up especially on either the background or the purple colours.

She used an orange tone which from a distance definitely didn’t show up on any of the fabrics.  However up close it was a bit more obvious where the quilting was. However, on top of the colours, she added a variegated pink/purple decorative stitch.  This isn’t the look that I like – I think that if I would make this quilt – this isn’t something that I would want to replicate. I think that this would be really cool with a cool blue background, with dark blue and coral ’tiles’…

Other than the quilting – she relied entirely on the fusible to hold the fabrics to the base fabric, again suggesting that this is not a quilt intended to be washed much – rather just a wall hanging.  I wonder if it is possible to make something similar that would hold up to repeated washing without the fabrics pulling away from the base fabric or starting to fray?

This session was taught by Carola from Carola’s Quilt shop in Gibsons, BC as part of the Texture with Textiles workshop session at the Creative stitches show.  Click the texture link for the other projects I photographed at the session and some of my comments about them.

Mosaic Quilt

Mosaic Quilt

Mosaic Quilt

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