Viking Costume: So what’s needed?

Viking Costume: So what’s needed?

So now that I have a good idea of what I have, and have some inspiration ideas, I need to figure out what I want to make and what I’ll need to make that happen!



Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

I think that the most vital part to making this costume really work is the apron-dress (which even though after all of my research I know has  a few other names… but I’m sticking with this one for consistency..) along with the other items I already have.  I think this should be pretty simple depending on which of the several styles I want to go with. I’m inclined to go with the simple “tube” one-piece style myself, and think that the side-laced version with the skirt part open at the hips might be cute…  even if it’s not the most authentic.


All of my underdresses have long sleeves, but I think that I’d also like to have a short sleeved version.  If I have time to make something new, I’ll make a short-sleeved underdress, but if not, the long-sleeved ones will work just fine.


Festoon (half-necklace)

Like the apron, I think the festoon and turtle brooches are probably the most important things beyond what I already have to making this costume work.  I have loads of old beads that would work well for this, as long as I  can remember not to “match” too much.  Instead of making it a full necklace, or making it obviously two half-necklaces, I might make it a full necklace but attach the loops from toggle clasps onto the necklace to hang it half-style from… not sure. I’ll see how that goes.

Turtle (oval) brooches

As mentioned above, I think these brooches will be one of the items that really ‘sells’ the costume. Now.. I have NO idea how to make them! I could certainly buy them, but the examples I’ve seen are pretty pricey.

A friend suggested an option, which I’ll have to look into – here’s hoping it works!  She suggested oval belt buckles from Tandy Leather.  I took a look at their website, and thought that a few different options might be possible.

Their Victorian Oval Trophy Buckle would probably be my first choice – it has a vaguely celtic look that would work well I think.  Item #1762-09 though at over $30, not cheap.  (Hmm do I know anyone with a Tandy membership?)

The Rope Edge Buckle Blank might also work – though it is only the starting point – I would need to use dimensional paint, filigree, dimensional stickers or something to bring in some detail. (Although then I’d lose the real metal look…) Item #1764-00 Just over $10 each,which is a better price definitely!

The Night Sky Trophy Buckle is probably a little too blingy for this project, but it might be worth looking at.  It’s listed as a closeout, so I might not even be able to find it in my local shop.  It’s on sale for just over $20 each.  Item #1780-04

Finally the Oval Buckle Blank is another plain version that would need some embellishment.  It’s less than $4 each too which is nice.  Perhaps even just hammering it would be an option to add in some detail? Item #1800-00


Although there are things I want to do.. there are also a few things I know I won’t bother with… but at least I’m making a conscious choice to skip them rather than overlooking them

  • Footwear – frankly, I don’t care if sneakers and sandals aren’t period, I’m gonna wear what is comfortable, and what will save my feet from being sore, hurt, or annoyed by twigs, grass, bugs, etc.
  • Undies –  no one is gonna see it, so I don’t care!

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