Crafting – jewellery – image pendants


Some of the finished pendants

While browsing Etsy for crafting inspiration a few months ago, I really liked the glass tile pendants that seem to be all over the place over there. These are made with glass tiles and images, sealed on the back with a glaze. Funny enough, at the Arts & Crafts market we had at work before the holidays, there was one seller who had them, but none of them appealed to me. I spent some time looking in craft stores and the glass tiles that are finished and totally clear are nearly impossible to find. I found ONE package at the sewing trade show (back in October?) but they were way too tiny to make pendants with. I generally figured that supplies weren’t available in Calgary, and made a mental note to keep my eyes open when shopping in the USA next. (I hate shopping online.)

Another variation that I’ve seen are crafters taking old Scrabble tiles and making pendants from them – putting an image on the smooth side, adding that clear glaze over top, and then adding a bail to the back where the letters are. A similar variation uses old dominoes. Again, these seem really cute, but I’m not really going to flea market shop for old Scrabble sets or dominoes, nor raid my own games just for a pendant.

A third variation I’ve seen uses pre-made bezels, (or bottle cap alternatives) which I spent a lot of time looking at on the Fire Mountain Gem website. I really spent far too much time on that site actually. Good thing my purse wasn’t nearby when I was surfing, or it might have been a very expensive browse!

So, after finding that the different styles required supplies that I didn’t have readily available to me, I found another solution instead, in tools/supplies used for stained glass.

I made one pendant to start with – one side is a black and red brocade from my corset-making fabric stash, and the other is a 1920’s style collage.

Then since I had all of the supplies, I made a few others – including a few with a steampunk vibe.

What do you think?

finished pendants

Some of the finished pendants - steampunk lady, robot, cuthulu, octopus, lady in a boat with an octopus, absinthe advertisment, and more

finished pendants

Another view of some of the finished pendants.

Most of the finished pendants, in two sizes. Other images are Lawren Harris prints, Klimpt prints, and more of the cool collage images in blues and greens.

2 comments on “Crafting – jewellery – image pendants

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