Loom on Vancouver Island

While driving up to Nanaimo while on Vancouver Island, we stopped at a set of little shops off the highway – mostly lured there by the promise of fresh fudge (FYI, it was awesome… I recommend the chocolate ginger) and found this shop called “Loom”.  I had just come from Victoria, where I had picked up some wool batting, and I was looking for more.  Unfortunately while I was there, there wasn’t anywhere near as much wool batting as I’d seen previous (or at least, not coloured which was what I was looking for… I’m not up to the task of dying my own wool, carding it and all the rest yet!).  However I did find LOTS of other luscious things.. which I’ll blog about separately.  For now, let me just give you a little tour!

Such luster and sheen in this wool/silk blend!

This iPhone photo totally captures the sheen of the silk in these colourful skeins of wool/silk blended yarn.

Racks of colours from Loom

There were shelves upon shelves (up to the ceiling!) of commercial yarn, but there were also a few baskets and selections of hand-spun wool as well, and yarns from what I presume are local spinners.  I couldn’t find much online about Loom, but here’s a post from Jenn’s Yarn Addiction with lots of photos too!

From Loom

There were also the requisite swatches of  different yarns knitted or crocheted up into squares, but better still were the samples of actual (small) garments.  I totally fell in love with a neck cowl in a combination of black, purple, and blue.  Ah.. if only I could knit!

If you want to visit Loom – I couldn’t find a website, but in person you can check them out at:
4705 Trans Canada Hwy
Duncan, BC V9L 6E1
(250) 746-5250

(In a little area called Whippletree Junction near Duncan, BC)

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