Viking Knit – First project

Trimming off the excess chain and adding on the horse-head end caps

Trimming off the excess chain and adding on the horse-head end caps

Ready for another post about Viking Knit?

In  an early post as I learned about the technique I shared my class experience. I didn’t finish off the project in class though (which means I also needed pliers and other supplies at home) so I thought I’d share it with you here. Oddly enough although it was the first project I started – I only finished it after so many others!


This is double-knit Viking Knit, done in 26 gauge stainless steel. I finished the chain with two horse-head end caps which I was able to get locally. (In class our instructor showed us how to use bead caps instead, but I loved these glue-in end caps instead, which I originally purchased for one of my Kumihimo projects, and loved! (So I bought the last four more at the shop – and am looking for more!)

The roll of wire was 30 feet, and I made two identical chains with the idea of using them together.. well it didn’t work out that way, so this instead became something much shorter, and the other one went towards another project.  For both chains I used up the entire 30 foot roll. (So, I could estimate that a choker would take 15 feet once a clasp and end caps were added in.)

Finished project

Once the horse-head end caps were secured using metal-safe adhesive, I added silver-tone split rings, which secure in a choker-style with a circular spring gate clasp. Onto this when I was wearing it, I also added on the wolf-head hammer of Thor that I originally added to my double-wire necklace.

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