need large test tubes?

6" long test tubes and battery-operated lantern

6″ long test tubes and battery-operated lantern

Although I haven’t blogged about all things Steampunk in a while, I thought I’d send out a message about a cool steampunk-y find from Michaels…

In the $1.50 section right now they have extra large 6″ long ‘test tubes’ with black stoppers or cork stoppers. The glass does have “not suitable for food” on it, though I have no idea why… unless the glass is coated with something? (If you can think of any reason, please let me know in the comments below!)

I picked up 6 of them for a possible project – but I wanted to share them with my local readers too.

I don’t know if other Michael’s will have them too, but if you’re in Calgary, I found them at the Westhills location on Tuesday.  If you think you could use them  – leave me  a message with what your ideas are!

Oh.. while I was there I also grabbed a nice lantern with a battery-operated candle. It’s kind of steampunk-y too I think, though I bought it to put with my Norse feast kit for the time being. (At least until my other project (spoilers!) is complete…)

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