New beauty obsession – Lime Crime

Assortment of Lime Crime Diamond Crushers lip toppers

Assortment of Lime Crime Diamond Crushers lip toppers

I very rarely blog about beauty products… but I’ve been on a minor beauty bender lately, and thought I’d blog about it…

One of my friends mentioned fairly recently that she’s pretty much obsessed with Lime Crime cosmetics (which don’t have much of a retail space here in Calgary) but I hesitated to consider ordering anything sight-unseen… until I found a few different Lime Crime products at Winners.


I’ve tried a few of the Hi-Lites palettes… but ultimately they just aren’t pigmented enough for my liking. I suspect they might be better on darker/tanned skin. I found:

  • the Mermaids palette (sparkling lavender/ivory/seafoam),
  • the Opals palette (pink/gold/peach),
  • the Unicorns palette (electric pink/green/mauve-gold),
  • and the Blossoms palette  (warm gold/lavender/sunset). Only the last one did I decide to buy, hoping that when I start using self-tanner in the summer they’ll look nice.

I haven’t seen the Angels palette  (white iridescent/pink/blue) – but I’m going to keep an eye out for it, just to see…

The only problem I’ve found at Winners – is a LOT of the Hi-Lites palettes had been opened and swatched, or some of the powders were broken. This was so super disappointing – since this really means they’re unhygienic… a scary thing when the product is going near my eyes…. I bought the Blossom palette that was sealed in a security box, and it appeared to be untainted – but admittedly it set me off feeling kind of oogie.

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While I don’t blog frequently about beauty and cosmetics (etc) I occasionally do. If you want to see more of my Beauty Blog posts, please click the Beauty Blog category link. Otherwise, feel free to follow me on Instagram where I post about it a little more often.

I’ll have a few more posts on my new obsession over the next few days…. so stay tuned!


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