Largess notebooks

Notebooks for largess

Notebooks for largess

At the May 2015 Tavern, “Bryjna” was teaching a class on bookbinding using the “Secret Belgium Binding” method. I’ve taken one other bookbinding class before (years ago, back in 2005) and this was a totally different method. She provided us with all of the supplies, with the request that we make one for ourselves, and five more to donate as Largess. I suspect she might have meant at the upcoming Coronation at that point, but honestly I just couldn’t get my craftiness together in time for that (not with also trying to put together my henin and a dress…)

So, finally in August I finished off the last of the books. I ended up trying a few different methods of doing the binding while experimenting with the general technique, and found that the later ones were much more “solid” feeling than the originals. One thing I did was cut down the width of the spine; I found it felt better with a smaller rather than wider spine. I’d probably keep the brown one for myself, if it wasn’t for the matte board spine, which I don’t really like compared to the pretty rice-paper covered front and back “Bryjna” created… so I’ll likely donate all 6 for largess when the opportunity presents itself. (None of the events I’m going to in the next little while are requesting largess, so I’ll wait until a request is made…) Plus… my main persona has no use for a book!

Drilling holes in the covers for the books

Drilling holes in the covers for the books

In class we did use an awl to punch holes in the front and back covers (and pages) for the stitching, but I found that VERY tedious, so when I was doing the remaining 5 at home, I opted to clamp them all together with the template, and used a rotary drill with a small drill bit instead.

While our instructor’s notes came from a Calgary Board of Education convention notes, you can also find the method here on Hollanders: or Herringbone Bindery: which has a few differences, including suggesting the inner covers go in after the binding – a look I kind of like.


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