Beothuk’s photos of my K A&S entries

Like at Twelfth Night, I wasn’t able to take much in the way of photos at Avacal’s Coronation and the Kingdom Arts & Science Championships because I was swamped trying to do other things. Luckily, one of the local photographers (Beothuk)took MANY amazing photos, and published them publicly online.

All photos are direct links from his Flickr feed – if he removes them, they’ll break here. All copyright his.

My Kingdom A&S Championship display

Working behind my table on the blue Finnish hat on the table. Super-focused on coils while my trichinopoly is in the foreground.

Part of my display – hand-spun wool (some of it hand-carded too) and two of my drop-spindles (one a hand-made gift, the other purchased).
Naalbinding display, with my project mittens in the front.
Trichinopoly display, featuring my project necklace, some samples of different materials, and some of my tools and materials.
Finnish coil-embellished apron with some of my coil samples, yarn samples, and motif samples on top.

Close up photo of some of the “extras” to add dimension and discovery to my Finnish apron project display.
Close up on the motifs on my apron

2 comments on “Beothuk’s photos of my K A&S entries

  1. Reblogged this on stairwayheaven and commented:
    Amazing. It’s all beautiful, well made, and well researched!

  2. Amazing! You really know what you’re doing and you do it so well. It’s beautiful!

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