Icy winter wonderland tiara

So while I was shopping for materials for the Winter Wonderland tiara, I didn’t think that I would be able to find the supplies to make something similar to the Twiggy Wire tiara from my inspiration post.

white wired vine

But – what luck!  I found something somewhat similar – though instead of being brown with white ‘berries’ this one was white with ‘crystal’ beads and ‘crystal’ flowers along with white ‘berries’.  I wonder if later in the year (spring or summer) if the plainer version might be available – if the ‘crystal’ version is the winter product?  Either way – it worked out perfectly, especially for the winter wonderland theme I was working with.

almost done

So, I ended up getting it as well, and making up two of the tiaras (although ultimately for the party I only wore one.  I often make multiple versions it seems, partially because I guess I just really like crafting, and partially because I’m worried things won’t work out, and I’ll be out of time to make a replacement.  This way I have choice…) one from my previous post, and then one with this white wired vine with ‘crystal’ elements.

Since the other tiara was well underway, I basically just constructed it in a similar way, then spread out all of the ‘twigs’ on the vine.  I pulled out some of the leaves from the other tiara, but really prefered the tiara monochromatic – so didn’t attach them. Instead I pulled apart a number of the flowers with the rhinestones in the middle, and glued them in instead.  Super simple, but I think it looks nice.  I didn’t use all of the vine to make the tiara, so I pulled the remaining pieces apart and wound them back in again too.

Finished tiara

close up

Since I had a few of the white roses left over, I put together a cute hair clip too.  I just started with a black felt pad, glued a clip into it, some leaves on top, and then arranged three of the roses on it.  I also trimmed the edge of the petals with some glue and added some clear glitter.  Since after all, it’s not a craft project if there isn’t glitter somewhere!

Finished version

3 comments on “Icy winter wonderland tiara

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  2. Eden says:

    Where did you find the twiggy wire for the Icy tiara? It’s sensational! I’m going to a Winter Wonderland party soon and I can’t find any sort of headdress to wear. But after seeing yours I think it’d be even better to make one myself. It’s so beautiful!

    • Dawn says:

      I found the wire at Michael’s Craft store – it really was perfect for the project 🙂 It was in the floral department – with the wire, foam, etc.

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