TUA class: Introduction to nålbinding (follow up)

Nålbinding hat #2 in progress

Nålbinding hat #2 in progress

At Twelfth Night for Montegarde, I taught a nålbinding class. For those of you who were in the class and wanted a refresher of the technique, here’s a video I found really useful.

It’s half English, half Finnish – so don’t be worried about the title!

The original class outline is here.
For all of my naalbinding / nålbinding posts, visit the nålbinding tag link

The same author also has a video on naalbinding for left-handed people – hopefully a bit less clumsy than my attempt. This is a different stitch than what we learned in class, but hopefully it can get the lefties started!

3 comments on “TUA class: Introduction to nålbinding (follow up)

  1. Josephine says:

    Well I managed a straight piece of Oslo stitch today, quite excited, but intrigued to know how, when you are working in a spiral you make a tube shape and not a flat, circular mat! All will be revealed I hope…..

    • Dawn says:

      If I’m doing a hat from the top down… it starts as a flat circular ‘mat’ and then I build down the sides of the hat (increasing stitches). If I’m doing a hat from the bottom up… I make the tube, and then work up, reducing stitches to make the top of the hat. I find for sizing that bottom-up works better for me.

  2. Josephine says:

    Thanks for replying. I do not have as much time to devote to my passions at the moment as a stray dog that wandered onto our farm just had 7 puppies! But I have cracked Oslo stitch and it seems to be making itself into a wristband or Iphone case! I love your blog, the tasks and targets set by the SCA or yourself must really give you something to aim for.

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