Tournament Prizes

Decorated notebooks

Decorated notebooks

As Avacal & Montengarde’s A&S champion, I’m hoping to help host some Arts & Science (A&S) tournaments, challenges, and displays this year. Since I want to have prizes for the participants/winners, I need to build a little stock of *stuff* to give away. In early April I invited some of my SCA friends to come help me with a first project – decorated notebooks!

Avacal is the SCA kingdom I’m a part of, while Montengarde is my ‘barony’ – the city I live in.

I provided the notebooks, glue, paper, stickers, and other stuff, plus my friends brought ribbons, postcards, and other cool things to decorate the books with.  I actually ended up having too many people come, and not enough notebooks!  My thanks to everyone who donated their time and creativity to help me create these prizes!

The notebooks aren’t in any way period-correct… they’re coil-bound with elastic straps to keep them closed and to attach a pen. I hoped that they would be nice for people to leave comments on works-in-progress projects, and then the participant can pick the book they like best, and use it for future displays or other purposes as well.

Later next month I have plans for another craft-day with SCA friends, though I don’t know yet what we’re going to make!

If you play in the SCA and have entered A&S activities – have you received prizes? What are some of the coolest things you’ve ever won? Give me some ideas in the comments below!

Think the books look familiar? I got the idea from a previous holiday crafting afternoon with friends.



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