Tudor Tailor’s pointed hood

The second, larger hood

The second, larger hood

I was hosting an A&S practice night at my place in March, and decided to make the theme “hats, hoods & headwear”. While not too many people brought out their own examples, there were certainly lots of people working on thematic items which was neat. I also decided to bring out some of my period (or attempts at period!) style hats, and at the last minute decided that this theme meant it was time to start on a Tudor hood as well, something a bit less high-class than the French Hood.

I decided on the “pointed hood” from the Tudor Tailor book. (I’ve also seen it referred to as a ‘gnome hat’ and a ‘smurf hat’ too!) Instead of using the grid method to enlarge the pattern, I measured myself on the critical measurements (or at least where I thought the hood should sit) and used a craft-quality projector (not one of the good high-quality ones from school) that I borrowed from my mum to enlarge the pattern to those measurements.

For my first draft, I cut the black cotton velvet from a recycled skirt, and the lining was from leftovers of that thin blue linen I have used for a dozen or so things now…

Showing off the hood (in progress) at the A&S meeting, it was quite well liked, but someone commented that the tails should be longer – I agreed based on the photo in the Tudor Tailor (I’ve found very few illustrations and paintings from period of this hood so far unfortunately) and decided to lengthen the tails a bit, and then also followed the suggestion from Centuries Sewing and added additional depth to the turn-back by doing it as a separate piece.

My second version was also cut out of a black cotton velvet skirt (I have a few to recycle..)

Cutting out version 2 from a cotton velvet skirt

Cutting out version 2 from a cotton velvet skirt

But I opted to line it with black linen instead of the blue (so that the fold-line won’t stand out as much) which is left over from my black linen Norse underdress.

The result… seems… too big.  I’m not quite sure though – I posted both versions on the Period Costuming Support group and got good comments on both of them…

The second, larger hood

The second, larger hood

If you have any links to period examples of this style that might give me a better idea of size and fit – please share it with me in the comments below!

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