2020 in review

Top Nine Instagram posts for 2020

Top Nine Instagram posts for 2020

So there’s this “Top Nine” trend that happens at the end of every year on Instagram where folks check out the nine most popular (most likes, impressions, etc) posts they made over the year. It made me think of looking at what I’ve been up to the past year – beyond just what made the ‘Top Nine’ on Instagram.

I’d say most of my posts over 2020 were research/planning kind of posts – largely as I was analyzing my Costume Capsule collections. Largely because over Covid I spent a lot of time cleaning and organizing my sewing/crafting space… but also because money has been incredibly tight so making new *stuff* that might mean BUYING new stuff which I can’t really afford – especially when I have so much already – I just needed to sort it all out!


There was a bit of sewing, and a bit of crafting in 2020.
First off a LOT of courtesy masks. I started out making a bunch for myself and my mother – but then also lots for friends and to sell as well. I’m still making them actually… since the need for them hasn’t depleted at all.

I also had the chance to go through the stash of my former teacher who was massively downsizing from a 3 bedroom two-story (plus basement), 2-car garage home… to a one-bedroom basement suite. From her I picked up really cool things like a gilt “treasure chest” as well as a BUNCH of gilt and ordinary photo / painting / mirror frames… all of which have been upcycled to better fit my aesthetic.

I also did a little spinning, and made some gorgeous bamboo silk cord for a project that… well… ended up a little underwhelming (or at least I haven’t found the chance to do a good photo of it to show it off) so I haven’t done much with it since. I also got inspired one day and made some cute leather plague masks, and for a friend I made a PVC skirt – with a matching one for me… for the days when we can eventually go out to parties together again!

Of course…. hat-making was also big for me in 2020

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you know that right now I’m in the middle of another hat project… but even aside from that, I blogged about a few different hats in 2020. Some of these I actually started earlier, and only finished… and some were still in drafts – and I just finished off the blog post in a burst of “I need to stop doomscrolling on Facebook” energy.

These included a white horned hennin, along with a new veil, a multi-colour velvet Wellington, a Finnish Iron Age hat embellished with coils, a Tudor coif made for a friend, two different wool witchy hats with deerstalker-style ear flaps (so toasty warm!) and a pointed Viking-style hat that is HUGELY speculative…

Miniature doll furniture made for my friend for Christmas 2020

Miniature doll furniture made for my friend for Christmas 2020

There are also a BUNCH of other things I worked on in 2020 that I just haven’t finished yet… or… if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I made, photographed, but still haven’t had the chance to blog about.

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